Friday, March 3, 2017

It's Not Who Liberals Hoped It Would Be

You know the media and liberals were praying that the person behind all the threats to Jewish centers and properties would be some right winger and gun carrying man.
From the Chicago Tribune: Authorities investigating recent bomb threats against Jewish institutions across the country have arrested a former journalist who worked in Chicago and New York City, saying he was behind at least some of the threats as part of a campaign to harass a woman he dated.
The arrest appears to be the first in response to a wave of bomb threats at Jewish centers and schools across the country this year, as many as 100 across dozens of states, according to the Jewish Community Center Association of North America.  Headstones also have been vandalized at Jewish cemeteries in Missouri, Pennsylvania and, most recently, upstate New York.
Juan Thompson, 31, was charged Friday with making eight threats to Jewish Community Centers. An FBI spokeswoman said Thompson is not believed to be responsible for all the threats to Jewish Community Centers across the country....
Thompson’s page also expresses disdain for President Trump and white people generally. “White folk are trash,” he wrote in a tweet about the Oscars. He praised black women for their opposition to Trump “The only person to call Trump a fascist in the #dncdebate is a black woman,” he wrote. “Of course. Black women are the root of left mvmnts.”
Mr. Thompson is a black man who used to be a liberal journalist, who is also a big time liar (yeah, I know nowadays, journalist and liar go hand in hand).
The left are crying in their beer light wine tonight.

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