Thursday, March 2, 2017

Seems Like A Whole Lot When It's Just An Old Outhouse

Apparently, thete must not be too much crime for the ATF and the Hudson Valley of New York state.
From the Middle Hudson News: Authorities are investigating if any laws were broken when a man blew up an old outhouse on his property in New Windsor on Tuesday afternoon.
New Windsor Police said at around 3:40 p.m., the resident at 22 Vidi Drive set off the explosion in an abandoned outhouse in order to dismantle it. He told police he employed a chemical that is used to make targets explode.
Federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms officials and New Windsor Police are investigating to determine if any crimes were committed, said New Windsor Police Lt. Michael Farbent.
I imagine some poor ATF and police officer had to pissed somebody in command off pretty badly to get this assignment.

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