Saturday, March 18, 2017

So Sad

I've been reading a book this past week, and it was hard to put down, "The Few and the Proud: Marine Corps Drill Instructors in Their Own Words" by Larry Smith.
It's a book about the drill instructors at Parris Island, which is where about half the Marines receive their basic training.
The book tells stories about drill instructor life, from about World 2 to about 2006, when the book was written.
The D.I.s were proud of their work and their job, even if we, on the outside world, for the most part, don't understand it.
It also talked about how they instilled professionalism and morals into the soon to become Marines.
Having read this and seeing the scandal the Marine Corp is going through has to be tough for the D.I.s who instructed these Marines.
From the Wall Street Journal:  A small group of Marines that contends the official military response to a nude-photo and cyber-harassment scandal has been too slow is pursuing a vigilante-like name-and-shame campaign in hopes of forcing swifter action.
Both active duty and veteran Marines said they have for days been providing names to investigators, or publishing them on the internet, identifying service members allegedly associated with websites that have posted nude photos of female Marines and harassed other service members.
“Marine leadership hasn’t done much of anything the last six years of this,” Marine veteran Shawn Wylde said in an email to The Wall Street Journal.
Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller said he first learned of widespread sharing of nude photographs by Marines in January, and then moved to shut down the main site involved and launch an investigation. Since then the Marine Corps and other branches have broadened the investigation and Gen. Neller has testified in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee about the matter, drawing the ire of some lawmakers who said he hasn't done enough to punish wrongdoers or their supervisors.
Mr. Wylde, who has a Facebook page with tens of thousands of followers, has been posting names of people allegedly affiliated with controversial social-media sites, including the group “Marines United,” attracting attention from investigators.
Mr. Wylde said he is acting now because of a March 10 statement of condemnation about the cyber harassment by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, a retired Marine general.
“Once General Mattis came out the other day against this online harassment we took it as a signal to move forward in exposing these creeps,” he said.
Other social media users have begun to follow his example by posting names and photos of Marines and veterans suspected of involvement in the offending online sites.
Hopefully, the scum will be found who took and posted these pictures and be punished accordingly because not only what they did was wrong but they also dishonored the Marine Corp.

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