Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Justice In England??

I dare say, if this happened to a professional baseball, football or basketball player, there would be hell to pay for the judge.
From the Leiscester Mercury: The head of a charity supporting domestic violence victims has slammed a judge for showing "shocking ignorance" in sparing a man who attacked his wife with a cricket bat a jail term.
Mustafa Bashir hit the woman with a bat, slapped and choked her, and on another occasion forced her to drink bleach and pills, Manchester Crown Court heard.
But the 34-year-old Pakistani cricketer – who claimed he was set to sign a professional contract with Leicestershire County Cricket Club shortly before his arrest – walked free from court despite admitting the assault on his then wife Fakhara Karim.
Judge Richard Mansell handed Bashir an 18-month suspended sentence on Monday after saying Ms Karim was not vulnerable because she was an "intelligent woman with a network of friends" and had a degree....
The court heard that Bashir had berated Ms Karim for wearing western clothing and called her a "slag" when she went out socialising with English friends
Read more at http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/judge-slammed-for-sparing-wife-beating-cricketer-jail-over-false-leicestershire-country-cricket-link/story-30233209-detail/story.html#OQDo3mLplhqUJCjP.99
So, an intelligent woman with a network of friends and had a college degree was not a vulnerable person who had a cricket back and is probably quite bigger, stronger and faster than the victim was?
Or maybe it was the religion of the thug?
Pretty pathetic justice in the U.K.

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