Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Outrage, No Outrage

More fake news.

No outrage


  1. NO OUTRAGE!?! Do you KNOW how many hits I got on the "feet on the desk" story? It was IDIOTIC, but whatever. Especially since every recent president has done that very thing. But I don't remember anyone else high in a president's inner circle squatting like that on a couch while there were esteemed guests in the room or otherwise.


  3. One more thing while I'm on a roll: That's not what "fake news" means.

    Fake news is "The Onion"-type sites publishing "news" stories that are knowingly fake, but usually less obviously satire. AND, it's deliberately false news passed off as real. It may be SILLY news, it may be POINTLESS news, it may be MEANINGLESS news, but the Kellyanne photo is REAL news.

  4. Umm, no, it's real news, especially if you saw her 2nd picture where she was taking the photo and leaning just a little bit from the couch. Chances are that media people were in back of her and she didn't want to get in the way of them.