Friday, March 10, 2017

Just Curious

For the past 8 years, ex-president  Obama wowed the world with his picks and filling out his NCAA men's basketball bracket.
Now, what will the mainstream media do, since President Trump probably won't fill out a bracket Will they:
1.  Mock Trump for not filling out a bracket?
2.  Beg ex-president Obama for his picks?
3.  Run "breaking news" if Trump does make picks?
4.  Completely ignore Trump for making the picks?
5.  If Trump does make a bracket, he will be laughed at and mocked if he misses just 1 pick during the entire tournament.
6. Say Trump is a wimp if he doesn't fill out a bracket and that the future of the United states is at risk because he didn't fill out the bracket?
7.  If Trump fills out the bracket, he will be ripped on for wasting taxpayer money because he did it on the taxpayer time.

Somehow, I think all have possibilities of happening, no matter what Trump does.

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