Thursday, March 30, 2017

They Have Themselves A Baseball Team

From the LVRJ:  Nine Clark County School District employees have been arrested since July 1 on charges related to inappropriate contact with students. The district has provided details about the following eight cases.
I used to be a teacher in CCSD and I can tell you that there many more cases out there of sexual abuse of students and other kinds of abuse.
Many times, if a staff member makes an accusation you are the one who gets in trouble.
I know of 1 female assistant principal who not only had inappropriate contact with students but also allowed abuse of severely disabled students to go unfettered even though I made complaints against her.
CCSD is a cesspool with no hope for recovery.
But they can have a good baseball team/league as CCSD has about 10 staff members busted each year for abusing students.

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