Thursday, March 2, 2017

If True,This Could Be Interesting

From Alternet: News media should illuminate conflicts of interest, not embody them. But the owner of the Washington Post is now doing big business with the Central Intelligence Agency, while readers of the newspaper’s CIA coverage are left in the dark.
The Post’s new owner, Jeff Bezos, is the founder and CEO of Amazon -- which recently landed a $600 million contract with the CIA. But the Post’s articles about the CIA are not disclosing that the newspaper’s sole owner is the main owner of CIA business partner Amazon.
Even for a multi-billionaire like Bezos, a $600 million contract is a big deal. That’s more than twice as much as Bezos paid to buy the Post four months ago.
Hmmm. If Amazon/Washington Post has recieved $600,000,000 you would that would be  a conflict of interest.  And since President Trump has been slandered and libeled by the Post on a constant basis while leaving ex-President Obama alone, maybe this explains things.

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