Wednesday, March 1, 2017

If We Allow Illegals To Stay Then This Kid Should Stay As Well

The United States have allowed criminal illegal aliens, like the Dreamers and other criminals to stay in the US indefinitely, then this 9 year old should stay here and finish receiving his critical medical.
From the Leicester Mercury:
Leicestershire MPs are to lobby US authorities in a bid to prevent a nine-year-old boy being sent home from America during his long-running cancer treatment.
Alex Goodwin, from Lutterworth, travelled to Kansas City in December to receive treatment, unavailable on the NHS, for Ewing Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer that affects fewer than 30 children in the UK each year.
He underwent an operation last month but doctors say his potentially life-saving treatment will not be complete until July.
American immigration officials however have said that he will have to return home in April and reapply for a new visa to return and complete his care.
Alex's father Jeff, a Warwickshire police officer, is a constituent of South Leicestershire MP Alberto Costa who says the family is concerned about the impact leaving the US will have on Alex's progress.
If this young boy had been an illegal alien from say, Mexico, there would be protests and riots to keep him from being sent home.
But common sense says that this young boy should stay and receive treatment that could save his life. And any paperwork needed could be filled out while he is still here.

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