Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hold Onto Your Wallets: CCSD Wants A Large Tax Increase

From the LVRJ: Property taxes need to be raised now to generate the $5.3 billion needed to keep 357 aging schools operable, Clark County School Board members agreed Thursday evening.
Their conclusion came after reviewing funding proposals from Clark County School District Superintendent Dwight Jones, all of which entailed tax increases.
Both funding options supported by the board would increase property taxes by $6.18 per month for a $100,000 home for 2012, meaning the district would have to seek voter approval in November.
"We can't do nothing," said School Board member John Cole, noting the short list of options and the challenge of asking people to pay more during the worst recession since the district formed in 1956.
"I'd like to give people the opportunity to say yes or no," said School Board member Erin Cranor.
First, to Mr. Cole: thanks for being a role model to our students on how to speak to the public: "We can't do nothing"
And Ms. Edwards also gets the same reward: "I don't think we cannot ask"
Once again, the school board is throwing a big wet sloppy kiss to the different unions within CCSD, but at least the public will get to vote on the tax increase and it will probably go down in flames whenever it comes up.
It would be nice if the board put this to a vote in the November election to save costs and get as many voters to vote on the tax increase.  however, the board will not do this and will schedule the vote in summer, when it is the hottest.  They don't want many voters to vote and if they hold the vote in the summer, they will not have to deal with the well to do snow birds that leave Las Vegas in the summer and that's several thousand votes right there.
So, Las Vegas and Clark County, the School board pickpocketers are coming for your wallet.

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