Saturday, February 11, 2012

Instead Of Yucca Mountain, Nuclear Waste To New Mexico?

From the Pahrump Valley Times: NyeCounty Commissioner Gary Hollis was upset Tuesday that President Barack Obama’s Blue Ribbon Commission paid a visit to Carlsbad, N.M., site of a low-level waste repository, but not to Nye County or Yucca Mountain.
Hollis charged Pete Domenici, a former U.S. Senator from New Mexico and a member of the Blue Ribbon Commission, was trying to steer nuclear waste to Carlsbad instead of Yucca Mountain.
The Blue Ribbon Commission advocated a consent-based approach, empowering local communities with generous subsidies and job benefits to overcome stiff resistance to nuclear waste. The State of Nevada has been adamantly opposed the Yucca Mountain project as well as the state’s congressional delegation, but Nye County has had a policy of constructive engagement with the U.S. Department of Energy on the project.
Hollis said the commission referred to the way Sweden and Finland handle nuclear waste. But Hollis said, “Sweden and Finland don’t have states to deal with. I’d like to see the Blue Ribbon Commission try that in the U.S. I don’t think they’re going to get much leeway, except with Nye County, which is a consent-based community.”
Hollis said Carlsbad really wants the nuclear waste. That community already has the Waste Isolation Pilot Project, where the DOE has been shipping transuranic waste. More than 11,000 shipments of transuranic waste have been made to WIPP from around the country, which is stored in salt beds 2,150 feet below the surface.
Carlsbad and Eddy County, N.M., officials believe the Blue Ribbon Commission report lends credence to Southeast New Mexico being the successor to Yucca Mountain, according to published reports.
Well,. thanks to Crybaby Harry Reid and others, Nevadans lost out on the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site project and the tens of millions of dollars that come with site and the tens of thousands of jobs that also go with the program.
But it looks like Carlsbad, NM would love to have the money and the jobs that go with the waste site, and why they wouldn't they?
And the reason why the senile Reid doesn't want the waste site?  Because he is afraid that people won't come to Vegas and spend money in the casinos.  Well, here's a message to Reid and his ilk: Nevada has had above ground atomic bomb testing close to Las Vegas and people still come to Las Vegas.  Nevada also accepts low level nuclear waste now and people still come to Nevada to spend their money.
So, now, Carlsbad, New Mexico may get the project and get the tens of thousands of jobs and the hundreds of millions of dollars that go with it.
So, who has the smarter politicians?  Certainly not Nevada.

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