Sunday, February 5, 2012

Las Vegas Crack Smoking Editorial Board At It Again

Once again, the Las Vegas Sun runs an editorial crying about the lack of civility in politics.
From the their drug addled minds: As the politicians and their campaigns move on from Nevada and Saturday’s caucuses, it’s worth taking a moment to step back from the heat of the political battle and consider the tone of the debate.
This is a larger issue than what the candidates are saying about each other. Campaigns throughout American history have been tough and often nasty affairs. (In 1884 Grover Cleveland faced a paternity scandal and was taunted with the chant, “Ma, ma, where’s my pa?”) Politicians either learn to have thick skins or find some other way to occupy their time.
What concerns us is how the political debate is shaping the way voters are looking at politics and dealing with issues. There has been a distinct and disturbing rise in the lack of civility among not just elected officials but also the voters who put them there. You don’t have to go far to see that. The Internet is filled with people taking shots at one another.
We have heard people cite reasons for the rise of incivility, but unfortunately, discussions about the reason often erupt into bouts of finger-pointing. (We’ve actually seen verbal fights over the issue, which would be ironically funny if it weren’t tragic.)
Studies suggest that people largely blame politicians, campaigns, radio talk shows and TV programs. They also suggest that people are tired of the negativity of it all.
Need I remind the Sun of the editorial almost a year ago when the Sun ran an editorial from the Palm Beach Post in their print section in which they prayed for a hurricane or other natural disaster to hit Florida so that the GOP government will have to depend on Washington D.C. and the Federal government for help.From the editorial: I hate to say it, but Florida may just need a natural disaster for its own good. It doesn't have to be catastrophic. A simple state of emergency may be enough to do the trick.
Because it's becoming clear that our new governor, Rick Scott, thinks that federal partnerships are, by definition, evil. And it just might be that without proper treatment, this psychological condition will continue to exist among him and his not-so-merry band of delusional pretend-patriots until Republican control is fully restored to Washington.
So, until the Las Vegas Sun stops praying for natural disasters on political enemies, then maybe they can be taken seriously.
So, Brian (The Coward) Greenspun, editor of the Las Vegas Sun, go back to your crack and shut up, you weaselly piece of crap.

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