Friday, February 10, 2012

Metro Undercover

How much you want to bet this bust will be on a reality TV show somewhere?
From the LVRJ: A 14-month undercover operation led by Las Vegas police culminated in 16 arrests of locals accused of selling stolen property, authorities said Friday.
Police said the investigation, dubbed "Operation Jigsaw," began in December 2010.
During the investigation, 28 vehicles, 21 firearms, narcotics and stolen credit cards were seized. Police said undercover officers worked out of a storefront criminals used to sell stolen properties of all types.
Undercover officers posed as employees in the storefront, which was located in the southwest valley.
Fifteen of the 16 arrested were Las Vegas residents. One man was from North Las Vegas.
Actually, his has the potential to be on several different shows: COPs, Las Vegas Heat, Jail, Lockup: CCDC, Dateline NBC and maybe a few others,
I wonder if Metro sold the rights to this operation to the highest bidder?

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