Monday, February 6, 2012

Papa Johns Pizza Loses Big On Super Bowl

I was lucky- I made one bet on the Super Bowl and I won (I bet LeBron James would outscore the New York Giants) and won a small amount from a local casino.
Papa Johns Pizza made on bet on the Super Bowl and they lost big time.
Papa Johns has been advertising that if the Super Bowl coin toss turned up heads, everyone in their pizza awards program will get a free pizza and 2 liter of Pepsi Max.
Well, it turned the coin toss turned up heads and now Papa Johns owes a couple million people free pizza and soda, including yours truly.  So, pretty soon, I will be getting a free 1 topping large pizza and soda compliments of Papa Johns and Pepsi,.  I wonder how much it will cost Papa Johns?  As for Pepsi, they are probably glad to get rid of the Pepsi Max from their warehouses.

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