Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Something Is Seriously Wrong In Wisconsiin Rapids With Wrestling Gay Sexual Assualts

I used to live in Wisconsin Rapids and they have one of the best wrestling programs, not only in Wisconsin but across the country.  Earlier I had blog post about how a young high school wrestler was molested by older members of the team.
Apparently, the young wrestler may have recanted, probably out of fear, but today, it was revealved that there is a serious problem with the wrestling program there.
From the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune: But Lambert outlined several other incidents and victims in the new document, which alleges:
» Benitz, the son of coach Scott Benitz, held a wrestler down while on a bus coming back from a tournament in Minnesota, while other wrestlers reached down the boy's pants, pulled out pubic hair and put the hair in the boy's mouth. The incident occurred in the 2009-10 season.
» When returning from another tournament, Benitz called the boy to the back of the bus and wrestlers, including Benitz, grabbed him in the genitals through his jeans....
In a separate incident, Peterson and Benitz called another boy to the back of the bus and made him lay on a seat as they poked him in the buttocks, through his clothes, with a plastic eating utensil.
» Peterson grabbed a third boy's penis on two separate occasions while they were in the shower. Einerson also touched the boy's penis in the shower.
» Benitz grabbed another boy's penis and pulled him into the shower by his genitals.
» Einerson pinned a boy on a bed in a hotel room in Madison during the individual state tournament, bit him on the neck, kissed him on the face and neck and then bit his nipple over his shirt. The boy said he tried to push Einerson away but couldn't.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE
I realize that hazing takes place in football and wrestling because the athletes need a certain kind of physical toughness, unlike other sports where you need more mental strength.
But, this case in Wisconsin Rapids, this just blows past the line of decency,  into gay sexual assualt.  I suspect that this doesn't go on at other schools, but I may be wrong.  The question I have is where did they learn this behavior?  Other wrestling programs?  And where were the coaches?
I hope they clean house at Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln High School because this behavior cannot be accepted in sports, no matter what the level.  Hell, Penn State fired Joe Paterno and the college president within a matter of days after the Sandusky incidents were revealed, so I would think a high school can clean house even faster.  But then again, this is the school were the athletic director said that being in athletics was a right.

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  1. contact the school board - I called the WIAA and asked them if they were going to do anything about the new information that came out in the latest document presented in court on 1-31-12 which talks about more instances of hazing and the WIAA said the school board has disciplined the team in the past and it is up to them to handle this new information. They also said I should take my concerns to the Wisconsin Rapids school board. So feel free to contact them, I know I will.;;;;;;