Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wendys Put Cleaniness Before Profits

From the Havre (MT) Daily News: A local business has shut down, strangled by regulatory standards, imposed not by any government entity but by their own corporate parent.
Just more than two weeks ago, Havre’s Wendy’s restaurant was shut down by Wendy’s International Inc., which filed an injunction in U. S. District Court in Great Falls.
The closure is not just in Havre. All 11 of the Wendy’s restaurants owned by BZB Enterprises and BZB Multi-State LLC were shut down, including those in Havre and Whitefish, two restaurants in Oregon and seven in Washington....
According to Wendy’s International Inc. ’s complaint, “Defendants have continuously ignored Wendy's directives and refused to comply with Wendy's critical, non-negotiable food safety standards.
“Defendants’ continued operation of the Restaurants, especially in light of the critical food safety concerns, constitutes a breach of the franchise agreements and will cause irreparable harm to the consuming public.
There are people out there that say large corporations are evil and only think of profits and screw cleanliness.  Wendys have shown that food safety is more important than profits.  Good job Wendys.

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