Monday, October 12, 2015

A tale Of 2 Businesses

I have had the bad experience of using car mechanics to fix my car and there is a good business and a bad busiess.
First the bad:
There is a auto mechanic place in Kingman, it is locate on Beale/Hwy 93 going towards Las Vegas.  It is located past the truck stop and by the Chevron station.  I'd give you a name but the business has no name.  Most of it's business is unsuspecting tourists or newbies to Kingman, which I was at the time.
My starter went out and I had to have my car towed .  The tow truck driver said this business was open late and they could fix my car cheap.
Well, I took him up on the deal and the mechanic there fixed the car but gave me a bill of $900 to fix the starter, replace the battery and wiring.  I also got a life time warranty on the work.
Or so  thought.
Today my solenoid on the starter went out and the car would not stat.
I contacted the business that did the work.
They said hat the guy who did the work was not authorized at the business, overcharged me and the warranty was no good.  The mechanic is also in jail for theft, among other things.
So, I am stuck with a horrible repair.
But another company, Mike's Towing came to the rescue.
I had the tow company come to where my car was stuck, at a local store.
The owner/tow truck driver tried everything he could to get the car going.  he checked the fuses, jumped the battery, checked the wiring and finally tried a Fred Flintstone repair, he hit the solenoid with a wrench.
When he hit the solenoid, he freed it up and the car started.
He could have just towed the car to my home, but he tried everything he could think of and it worked.
So, beware of auto mechanic in Kingman, especially those on Beale St. an if you get stranded in the area, try to use Mikes Towing.

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