Sunday, October 25, 2015

NASCAR Is Becoming To be Like Professional wrestling

NASCAR prides itself on being a legitimate sport.  The drivers are considered athletes and the Chase is considered to be like the playoffs of other sports.
Except it really is closer to professional wrestling- where things that seem like reality are actually fake.
This week, NQASCAR was in Talladega, AL., on the 2.5 mile super speedway.  It is a restrictor plate race, so the drivers race in packs, maybe 3 wide by about 10-15 rows.
This week, NASCAR officials decided that instead of 3 Green-White Checker (G-W-C) that are normally at every other track and at Talladega up until last Monday, NASCAR decided they would only have 1 G-W-C.
That's like saying baseball, in the middle of the season decided they will only have 1 extra inning in a tie game baseball game or in football, the teams would only have 1 opportunity to score in overtime.
What utter B.S.
So, what happens?
From ESPN:  Kevin Harvick denied triggering a last-lap wreck Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway to ensure his advancing into the next round of the Chase for the Sprint Cup.
After one restart was aborted because of a crash before the leaders got to the start-finish line, Harvick, in 10th, was in jeopardy of falling out of the Chase as his motor was about to blow prior to the one attempt to have a green-white-checkered finish.
Harvick's car didn't get going on the restart -- just as on the previous one -- and he pulled to the outside lane. He clipped Trevor Bayne, causing a wreck that brought out the caution. At that point, the field was frozen, drivers could not gain positions and Joey Logano was awarded the checkered flag for his third consecutive win.
"That's a crappy way for Harvick to have to get in the Chase; to wreck somebody -- what I believe to be on purpose [but] maybe it wasn't," Bayne said. "The restart before that, he had engine problems and got out of the way.
If NASCAR had the usual G-W-C, then Harvick causing a crash would have been a non-issue as they would have had 2 more G-W-C.
And if Harvick intentionally caused the crash, and in my mind, he did, then he needs to be suspended and kicked out of the Chase.
But because this is NASCAR, they won't do anything and if they do, they will do it with a make believe rule.
NASCAR is in a steep decline with it's fans and this is just another reason why.

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