Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mass Shooting At Oregon Community College

From Michael Griffiths, CEO of Life Flight, says he's been told there are at least six critically injured patients at the community college. They have sent six helicopters to the Roseburg Airport to assist with transporting victims to hospitals. No word yet on which hospitals.

12:12: Lorie Andrews, 57, lives on Songbird Court across the street from the campus. She was sitting on her back porch Thursday morning when she heard several shots. Minutes later, she said, cop car after cop car started flooding the area. "Ambulances are still coming in," she said at 11:45 a.m. "Cops are still coming in."
She estimated roughly 20 ambulances and 75 police cars, including police officials in their private vehicles, pouring into the area. Officials aren't allowing students to leave campus in their own vehicles, Andrews said, they are bussing them out.
"Everybody is in shock. Very very shocked," Andrews said....
Scanner reports indicated the suspect is down. Multiple ambulances are on scene. Some media outlets are reporting at least 15 people are dead.
Police are clearing the science building at this time.
Sadly, I think the number of dead and injured will increase significantly, based on history of other mass shootings.
It will be hours before we will find out more information.
RIP to those who have died and prayers for their families and friends.
Update: Been listening to KATU live coverage of the shooting and they are already bringing up politics and guns- disgusting.

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