Thursday, October 8, 2015

Power Rankings: Presidential Field 2nd Edition

At the end of July, I put out my first Power Rankings of the 2016 Democrat and Republic parties.
So, here is my current rankings, based on my feelings, reading and watching the news, looking at pools and after my usual beer or three.  In July, I had my pony in the field Scott Walker and so he is out, so I am kind of unbiased right now as to who I should endorse.
Say good bye from the July list:
Scott Walker and Rick Perry because they dropped out.  And because the following really have no chance to get more than few voters from anybody except their immediate family, these guys are gone:
Jim Gilmore, John Kasich, Bobby Jindal, George Patacki (he's still in it?)Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham (despite a certain morning talk show host from Fox News), Mike Huckabee and Lincoln Chaffee.
So, here are my rankings: The numbers in the parentheses are their previous rank.
1.  Donald Trump (1):  He is running from strength because everyone is responding to him and the media love him though they love to trash him as well.  He doesn't back down from a fight or negative comments.  His faults: Eminent Domain and Super GOP Delegates  It's his race to lose.
2.  Ted Cruz (7)  Conservatives love him and they will be well represented at the voting booth come next year.  He is probably the best debater out there and several talk shows like him.  His faults: The media will eat him alive if he comes close to being the nominee.
3.  Marco Rubio (11) Still has a following and can still beat any Democrat.  Being from Florida and a Hispanic following doesn't hurt either.  Faults: Still low in the polls, not very high profile and seems like a church mouse compared to trump.
4.  Dr. Ben Carson(17)  Clearly the smartest man in the field and the liberals are scared of a conservative, rich, very smart who came from humble beginnings and is now a conservative.  He is not from the liberal plantation and that's what scares the liberals.  Faults: He's Black and Obama has killed any chance a black person can be elected President for decades to come.  He is also not a prolific speaker-quiet, slow speaking and stutters at times.  The liberal media is afraid of him and hate him because he is not from the liberal plantation.
5. Hillary Clinton (3) Still in control of the democrat presidential primary and it is her's to lose.  She still has a core constituency that has not really faded- her supporters will vote for her no matter what happens to her, even if she is indicted.  Faults: #1 fault is Obama does not like her and will push Biden instead of her.  Hillary is unlikeable, not trustworthy, has the e-mail disaster (if she would have been honest from Day 1, she would be doing much better) and while her strong supporters will vote for her, nobody else will.
6.  Joe Biden (9) If he gets in, he will take away votes from Hillary and Bernie Sanders but it won't be enough to get the nomination, unless Hillary is indicted.  He will have the support of Obama and most of his election machine, so he won't need to much organization to get going.  And if he wins, we won't need an Air Force 1, we would have an Army 1 for the train he would have(he loves to travel by train) Faults: Obama supports him, he is gaffe prone and while he has a touching story with the death of his son, many reports state that he is just a mean spirited person.
7.  Carly Fiorina (8) CNN threw their debate so that Carly would look good and everyone, especially Trump looks bad.  She would kick Hillary's butt and she is much smarter than her. Faults: Lucent and Hewlett Packard- two companies she ran into the ground and she has no real argument for this.  And like Dr. Carson, she is not from the liberal plantation and so the liberals hate her and will make sure that she does not succeed.
8.  Chris Christie (6): Still has the fire but has calmed down.  I think his experience as a governor will help him and he is not afraid to take on critics.  Faults: His time was 4 years ago and there is a treasure trove of sound bites that will make him look bad to the general population.
9.  Bernie Sanders: Most democrats like voting for him because he looks like their grandpa (if you are white) or he looks like a warm gentleman.  Faults: SOCIALIST  When people really understand what he stands for, he is toast.
10. Jeb Bush (5) The only thing to save Bush is he has the GOP establishment vote now.  If he can get almost 100 of the Super Delegates, he may still have a chance or if the convention is deadlocked on who to vote for, he may be the fall back candidate.  Faults: He won't get the nomination if he has to rely on the results of the primaries and caucuses. And Trump is right- there is no fire in the guy and he really doesn't know how to campaign.  Common Core and immigration support will hurt him with the GOP.
11. Rand Paul (10) He's running on daddy's name and that didn't serve Mr. Paul very well, in the end.  He is committed to his beliefs and he can light up the room but he is more of a libertarian which does not bode well with GOP voters.
12. Walter O'Malley:  Still has a chance if Hillary is indicted, Bernie falls down and Joe doesn't run.  but he is not trying really hard right now and should be higher in the polls.  faults: For a big muscled guy, he is such a whiner and cry baby.
Also considered: Democrats: Quancidine Gribble, Bob Pribble and James "Titus The Great" Law.
And from the Republicans: Kenny Rodeo, Elmer Farmer Jr. and Wanda Duckwald.
So, what say you?  Who do you like or dislike?


  1. Clinton or Biden for the Democrats.

    Trump or Carson for the Republicans.

    My ultimate guess is Trump (R) versus Biden (D).

    Who do you see for VP on both sides?

  2. For Trump, I see a Washington D.C. politician- not sure who though.
    Biden, a Midwestern politician- maybe Tammy Baldwin who is gay, female and from Wisconsin.

  3. Would never had guessed you were a Trumpet Dan, he's a east coast democratic, look at his record. Can't wait for the field to thin out, Rubio will expose The Donald for what he is, a narcissistic, charlatan. That people can't see this is remarkable. If Trump is the nomonee I'll, for the 1st time, leave that box unchecked. I will vote for Senator Johnson and other down ticket offices.