Saturday, October 31, 2015

Another Reason Why Rank And File Cops Are Being Screwed

You have to wonder why someone wants to become a police officer in the United states.
First, you have to deal with terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter.
Then, you have citizens filming you every step of the away and they only release partial tapes and don't release the part of the tape that exonerates the cops.
And then you have police chiefs, mostly in liberal cities who don't support their cops because it is not politically correct to do so.
From Arizona Central:
Phoenix Police Chief Joe Yahner has agreed with an internal review board's recommendation to demote a sergeant in the 2014 killing of a mentally ill woman, the department announced Friday.
The decision comes three days after the department's Disciplinary Review Board recommended that Sgt. Percy Dupra, who fatally shot 50-year-old Michelle Cusseaux in August 2014, be demoted from his current rank. It also comes one month after the department's Use of Force Board determined the killing fell "outside of department policy."...
Cusseaux had mental illness that her mother said included bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression. She also had six felony convictions, a long history of drug abuse and had reportedly threatened mental-health workers.
In August 2014, police were called to serve a court order at Cusseaux's apartment complex in Maryvale to transport her to an inpatient mental-health-care facility.
Dupra, a 20-year veteran of the police department, told investigators he shot Cusseaux after she opened the door with a claw hammer raised above her head. She suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest and was rushed to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.
I'm sorry but if you use a hammer in a threatening manner against the cops, you should be shot.
You acted in aggressive manner and you threaten he life of a cop.
Now, I have never been hit with a hammer, luckily, but I imagine, if you get hit by a metal hammer, it will hurt badly, if it doesn't kill you outright or cause serious damage to your health.
But did the chief support his officer.  Hell no.
And this is just another reason why the rank and file cop on the street really don't want to get involved in many incidents and it is another reason why crime is rising, especially violent crime, in cities run by liberals.

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