Friday, October 30, 2015

If You Are Offended By This, Too Damn Bad

From the Las Vegas Sun: The University of Louisville apologized to the school's entire Hispanic community Thursday after a photo surfaced showing President James Ramsey among a group of staffers at a Halloween party dressed in matching stereotypical Mexican costumes.
They wore bushy mustaches and sombreros, and rattled maracas as they posed for the photo.
Ramsey's chief of staff, Kathleen Smith, issued a statement expressing "deep regret" over the incident.
"We made a mistake and are very sorry," she wrote, adding that the university pledges to train staff and engage with the campus over diversity and racial equality issues. "This event shows we have much more to learn about our community."  ...
A friend showed it to Freshman Leonardo Salinas.
"I was appalled," he said. "It's not just offensive to Mexicans; it's offensive to the immigrant community as a whole. Someone thought, 'Oh, this is a good idea.' How did it not click in anybody's mind that it was a very bad idea?"
Hasn't anybody seen a Mariachi Band, most look like these guys, in the pictures, they do look a little dorky.
But if anybody is offended by this picture, they really don't have much of a life and they just crave attention y saying they were offended.
And to Leonardo, grow up- you are an adult by being at least 18 years old.  But your mental and maturity age is that of a 1st grader.

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