Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Love The Fall Playoffs

It is time for best time of the year to be a sports fan.
The baseball playoffs has started.
The NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase is in full swing.
Regular season NFL games are being played 3 times a week.
Hockey is starting.
The NBA is about to start.
The English Premier Soccer League is playing early on Saturday and Sunday, so you can watch sports from about 8:00 AM (West Coast time) to midnight,.
In baseball, you have the Chicago cubs battling in the playoffs in hopes of winning their first Word series in over 100 years, The New York Yankees are already eliminated, there is a good chance of a David vs Goliath final with a small market team vs a large market team and so many more good stories.
In NASCAR, it is very intriguing.  You have 2 brothers left in the Chase, the Busch's, so what will happen if they are in the position of 1 Busch on the bubble and the other Busch 1 point out.  With their personalities, will they wreck each other to transfer into the next round?  Same thing with 2 of the most popular drivers- Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon- what will they do if they are battling for the last transfer position.
You have 4 members of 1 team- Joe Gibbs racing still in it.  Will they run interference to prevent other teams and drivers to transfer to the next round?  And if all 4 make the final race at Homestead, who does Joe Gibbs cheer for?
In football, there has already been numerous star players hurt, a 4-0 Packers and Patriots- can they go 16-0?
I honestly don't care about hockey that much and despise the NBA, but other still do like them.
So, Fall is the perfect time for the sports fan.  It's also great to have a DVR, where you can watch a 3 hour sporting event in about 20 minutes.

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