Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More Evidence Obama Hates Blacks, Other Minorities

From Fox News: A push to overhaul criminal sentencing is prompting the early release of thousands of federal drug prisoners, including some whom prosecutors once described as threats to society, according to an Associated Press review of court records.
About 6,000 inmates are due to be freed in the coming month, the result of changes made last year to guidelines that provide judges with recommended sentences for specific crimes. The Justice Department says roughly 40,000 inmates could benefit in coming years.
So, let's see where these drug thugs will relocate?
In the Hamptons, where Obama vacations?  Nope.
How about the neighborhood where Obama sends his kids to school?
In the neighborhood where Obama will eventual move to?  Hopefully, but doubtful, though that would be a great practical joke by President Trump, who probably would do it.
How about the Henderson NV., neighborhood where Sen.ile Coward Harry Reid lives?  Doubtful.
So, where will these drugs be released to?
Chances are, the inner cities of big cities, where many poor  blacks, hispanics and whites live.
And I am sure these neighborhoods will just welcome these drug thugs into their neighborhood.

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