Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Am I A Trumpet?

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Well now, I have been accused of being a Trumpet, both on this web site and in person.
A political Trumpet is a supporter of Donald Trump.
The musical instrument is a Trumpet.
So, which Trumpet am I?
For president, I originally supported Gov. Scott Walker for President of the U.S..  There are countless reasons but among other reasons is that he would have beaten Hillary just like he beat back the dirtiest of the dirty labor unions, the liberal media and disgusting liberal bloggers (my friend Jamie being an exception, but don't tell him that).
However, he blew through a whole lot of cash and his heart really wasn't in it, so my pony was put down.
So, I have to find another presidential candidate.
So, who are my choices?
Well, a democrat has as much of me voting for me as President Obama giving the acceptance speech for the NRA Man of the Year.
So, which Republican for me?  Well, right now, I don't know, but unlike my conservative brethren, I don't automatically dismiss Donald Trump.
I don't agree 100%  with Trump and I think his blaming 9-11 on George Bush the other day was completely baseless.
However, Trump is a leader- just look how he leads during the campaign.  People are responding to him and if someone disses him, he fights back.  That is the complete opposite of President Obama.
Trump also knows how to play the crowd and will talk to the common man as opposed to having front men/women speak for him.
Trump also does not give scripted answers in interviews.  Are some of the answers a bunch of BS?  I'm sure, but most of the presidential candidates just don't know how to give an honest answer and they rely too much on their spokescritters.
I like his positions on the economy, immigration, national security and a few more areas.
I think Ben Carson is far more intelligent than Trump, by a great deal.  But Trump knows what he wants and he can articulate what he wants.
He's effectively neutralized Carly Fiorina because Trump has many high ranking females on his executive staff.  Also, his wife is pretty smart and good looking herself.
Will I endorse Trump now?
Of course not.
Later, will I become a political Trumpet?
There is probably a good chance at that but the election season has just begun and Trump is still leading the polls.  And there is a political lifetime left before the first elections, so who knows what will happen.

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