Friday, October 23, 2015

Interesting Concept

From the Havre MT. Daily News:
A task force assigned with coming up with proposals for banishing drug dealers from the Rocky Boy's  Indian Reservation agreed to move forward on getting input and drafting an ordinance detailing how that will be done, at a meeting Thursday.
The Community Awareness Committee For Control of Drug Distribution is charged with formulating and submitting a proposal to be voted on by the Chippewa Cree Business Committee, the reservation's tribal council. State Rep. Bruce Meyers, R-Box Elder, who is on the committee, has said an initial vote on a proposal could be taken up by the council as early as next month.
Members of the committee said they will also seek advice from former tribal Chief Judge Strom Olson on drafting an ordinance, detailing who should be banished, and whether the penalties should be graduated.
The Committee was formed following a community meeting last week. Meyers said 70 people had shown up for that event, 90 percent of whom favored banishing drug dealers.
Banishment or the expulsion of undesirable elements from the reservation, either permanently or for periods of time, is something the tribal constitution allows, but the mechanism has not been used in recent years. The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota has passed a similar measure to bar drug pushers from its reservation and their program will serve as a template for crafting Rocky Boy's ordinance. In Browning, the Blackfeet reservation is weighing a similar policy.
Proponents say banning those convicted of serious drug offenses is necessary to address the problem of addiction that plagues the reservation, especially when it comes to methamphetamine. They blame desperate meth addicts, seeking money to subsidize their habit, for a series of burglaries, thefts and other crimes that have instilled fear in the community. Meth use lead to long term damage to a user's nervous system.
So, can a city kick out drug dealers and other thugs from their boundaries?
Sounds like the wild, wild west.
And if ACLU hears about this, a lawsuit will happen.
But in reality, the Indians on the reservation are just pushing their problems to another city or state.
And of course, the Indians are about the most liberal ethnic group in the United States.  those who live on the reservation and outlying areas live under the Bernie Sanders rule of law- socialism/communism. 
I can also see this being abused- Rocky Boy is one of the most corrupt Indian reservations in the country and it would not be impossible to think that one of the corrupt politicians would plant drugs on an opponent and then have them kicked off the reservation.
So, it's an interesting concept but it won't work out legally or ethically.

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