Thursday, October 1, 2015

Was The College Shooting Muslim Terrorism?

From the NY Daily News: One woman tweeted that her grandmother was in the classroom and was forced to perform CPR on a friend, "but it was too late," @BodhiLooney wrote.
"The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were christian. If they said yes, then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn't answer, they were shot in the legs.
"She wasn't shot, but she is very upset," she wrote.
It would not shock me if it was muslim terrorism.
And it would not shock me if this was misunderstood or far from reality or a very sick person using the islam terrorism excuse to make it look like terrorism but in reality, a very sick person.
We don't know, though I am sure the cops already have a pretty good idea why the thug killed so many people.

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