Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Smart And The Moronic

Bloomberg has an article about, who else, but Donald Trump.
First, the smart part of the article: Schmidt calls Trump's remarks “intemperate” but acknowledges that the insurgent candidate's willingness to own his political incorrectness enhances his appeal. In the face of advertisers bolting and searing criticism, “does Donald Trump back down? No. Donald Trump doubles down,” Schmidt said. “That's the proof point—he's too rich, he's too wealthy to be bought off, unlike all these politicians who've been bought and sold by the billionaires. That is the populist fuel that is driving his campaign.”

And now the moronic part of the article, just below the smart part:
Trump's immigration theme taps into the anxieties of white working class Americans who feel that “the country is becoming a majority-minority country and the people who felt that they were in the ascendancy are now descending,” said Norm Ornstein, a political scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. “It's not just racism but certainly race is a part of it. The feeling is, 'We're slipping and the people who are supposed to protect us are ignoring or defying us—they seduced and abandoned us.'”
No, it's not just whites that feel the law breaking immigrants are affecting them.  The Hispanics are taking away jobs from whites and blacks.  The illegals are causing havoc on the education system, which effects everyone.  The illegals undercut wages, which again effects everyone.
So, Trump's trump card is fighting the illegals and kicking more of them out.
And as far as being bought off, it is true, there are not a lot of people who buy off Trump and at least, the perception is there is that he will be honest and he will call it as he sees it.  Whether true or not, we will see.

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