Sunday, October 4, 2015

Which Is Stranger?

So, what is stranger:
The 1000 year floods in South Carolina?
The Flash floods and heavy rain in Death valley?
From the LVRJ: The valley steered clear of storms that caused some flooding in Pahrump, Beatty and Death Valley National Park in California, about three hours northwest of Las Vegas. The park service said, via Twitter, that visitors were "stranded in many areas of the park" because there was flooding on both sides of the roads Sunday afternoon. It wasn't immediately clear if they were able to get out.
Death Valley got a lot of rain and several people where stranded in Death valley because of the flash flooding.
And  this from South Carolina floods via Fox News:
Saying the deadly flood waters in her state were at "a thousand-year level" -- and acknowledging that there was still 24 hours of rain to come -- Gov. Nikki Haley urged the residents of South Carolina to stay safe and strong during a Sunday afternoon press conference.
Haley gave an accounting of just how devastating the storm has been: 30,000-plus sandbags used, 754 calls for assistance in a 12-hour period, 323 collisions, three fatalities. Nearly 600 National Guard troops had been activated, she said, with 1,300 more either on call or on standby. Rescue crews had 11 aircrafts, eight swiftwater rescue teams and 106 highwater vehicles at their disposal. More swiftwater teams were on their way from Tennessee, Haley said.
Umm, ok.  So, there were records from 1000 years ago?
And when I read the news articles from different cities in South Carolina., while some roads were flooded, it wasn't that many, which is kind of  of debunking what most news reports are saying, especially the Weather Channel.
And who was around 1000 years ago to say this was a 1000 year flood?
So, what is more impressive, the flooding of Death Valley, which usually gets very little rain a year, may be less than an inch of rain or the flooding in South Carolina, where they get rain constantly?
My vote is Death Valley.

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