Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Gee, California Liberals Lie

From Fox News: About 1,400 of the state's 3,700 inmate firefighters have previous convictions for violent offenses, California corrections officials said Wednesday, a stunning acknowledgment from an agency that for years said only nonviolent prisoners were allowed in the program.
The disclosure came two days after The Associated Press reported that the corrections department was considering expanding the criteria for inmate firefighters to include those with some violent convictions and with more time left to serve on their sentences.
Corrections spokesman Jeffrey Callison said the department provided inaccurate information to AP and other news outlets and on its website. He said inmates with violent backgrounds have been serving since at least the 1990s but he and other spokespeople did not know that.
The head of the union that represents state firefighters called for an investigation.
Callison blamed the misstatements on differing definitions of what constitutes a violent background. Although the penal code includes hundreds of offenses considered to be violent, prison officials have long considered inmates to be nonviolent if they have a minimum-security classification for good behavior and a significant length of time in prison without committing a violent act.
What, the fools in California don't know what constitutes a violent crime?
How about if they hurt someone?
A lot of people need to be fired because of this because whoever decided that the violent offenders could fight fires put firefighters and communities at risk because of the violent thugs.

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