Saturday, October 10, 2015

Good For The Judge

From the NY Daily News: The domestic abuse victim who was berated and jailed by a Florida judge has been left scarred by the courtroom rebuke, she said in her first public statement Saturday.
The traumatized woman was seen sobbing and pleading with Seminole County Judge Jerri Collins after being brutally rebuked for failing to appear at her alleged abuser's trial in dramatic courtroom video that went viral this week.
"I knew I did wrong when I missed the trial, but I wasn't expecting her reaction," she told NBC's "Weekend TODAY," speaking out for the first time since the late July hearing.
The 27-year-old was sentenced to three days in prison for criminal contempt of court when she refused to face her attacker.
The "victim" in this case decided that all the cops work, the court's work, the District Attorney's office and even the defense attorney was worth nothing.
The "victim" decided to call 911 as a convience to get rid of the perp but there is an expectation that if you call 911 that you would follow through and prosecute the thug that harmed you.
So, enjoy your 3 day jail stay and next time, don't call 911 if you won't prosecute.

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