Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Obama Economy Still Sucks

From the LVRJ:
Grocery chain Fresh & Easy, which operates 14 stores in Las Vegas, is closing, according to a spokesman.
Spokesman Brendan Wonnacott told the Review-Journal Wednesday afternoon that Fresh & Easy was starting "the process for an organized wind-down of the business."
Wonnacott said in a statement that, "We have been unable to obtain financing and the liquidity necessary to continue to fund the business going forward."
Fresh & Easy will "continue to work to sell all or part of the business."
The company operates 97 stores in California, Nevada and Arizona.
"There's still an effort to sell store locations so the wind down/closure could be several weeks," Wonnacott said.
Fresh & Easy debuted in 2007. The chain was British supermarket giant Tesco's first venture into the United States.
Fresh & Easy closed three east Las Vegas locations in August less than a year after it remodeled many of its Las Vegas stores in an effort to make them a destination for grocery shopping and prepared meals.
The liberals and democrats claim that the economy is improving but when a big food chain takes a huge hit, it is obvious that the current economy just sucks.

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