Sunday, November 1, 2015

Thank You CNBC

A lot of people, especially conservatives, have been bashing CNBC and their buffoonery and prejudice in the GOP debate last week.
Well, balderdash (for the young readers, B.S.)
CNBC did the GOP and conservatives a great big favor.
CNBC showed that there is a liberal media bias and their "debate moderators" showed that they represent the liberal media.
They showed that NBC is part of the liberal media.
And better yet, the bias shown by CNBC brought together the major GOP candidates and they voiced together, how biased the media is.
And the GOP, especially Ted Cruz, showed that there is a huge difference between the questions asked of democrat candidates for president and the GOP candidates for president.
So, while the GOP complains about CNBC and it's liberal moderators, in reality, CNBC has helped the GOP immensely by bringing the GOP together to fight the common enemy: the liberal media.  And thank you to CNBC for showing that there is a difference on how the conservatives and Hillary Clinton are treated.
So, thank you CNBC- you awoke a sleeping giant- conservatives and their supporters, who are pissed at the liberal media.
So, thank you, CNBC, thank you for helping the conservatives

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  1. CNBC birthed the Tea Party. Since when are they examples of "liberal media?" Really, I knew MSNBC was, but I don't think there is much cross-over there.