Saturday, November 21, 2015


I have no problem with the "beating".
From the NY Daily News: A Black Lives Matter protester who disrupted a Donald Trump stump speech Saturday was beaten and kicked by supporters of the loud-mouth candidate.
The activist was shoved to the ground by attendees after he began chanting during a Trump campaign stop in Birmingham, Ala.
In a video of the incident, several people can be seen tackling the man and at least one man punches him and a woman kicks him while he is on the ground, CNN reported.
I have no problem with a protestor getting a few kicks to the nads or worse.
The thug protestor was not invited to the Trump rally.
The people who were at the rally were not there to listen to this Black Lives Thug Terrorist.
And if you decide to interrupt a Trump rally, especially if you are a thug and supports terrorists, Donald trump is not going to put up with you.
And so, I hope the people at the Trump rally beat the crap out of this thug and terrorist supporter.
And if I interrupt a Planned Parenthood meeting, I should expect to be targeted by a bunch of liberals.. of course, the liberals could not fight their way out of a shopping bag.
This reminds me of a scene from Blazing Saddles, why, I'm not sure:
(You sissy Mary's)

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