Monday, November 9, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, a guy burned down 2 churches in Dolan Springs, which is about halfway between Kingman, AZ and Las Vegas.
Over the weekend they caught a 78 year old man/drifter who burned down the churches because he was ticked off because he was told to leave the churches.
Here is his photo from the LVRJ:
And the picture of the guy from the Kingman Daily Miner:

James Earl Johnson
Well, the LVRJ photo is missing a cut and whatever is underneath the bandage.
It looks like the photo's are at about the same time, so what happened?


  1. The photos can't be from the same time - shirt is different.

  2. True, but one may have been his jail mug shot after he was arrested and another from when he was immediately arrested. I have to assume Mohave County sent pictures to both newspapers.