Monday, November 30, 2015

Just Another Reason Why Climate Change Be Taken Seriously

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From the Daily Mail:
The climate change summit in Paris that aims to tackle global warming will itself pump an estimated 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it was claimed today.
Around 50,000 people including world leaders, businesses and activists are expected to travel from across the globe for the two-week conference in Paris which started today.
Most will arrive by plane from as far afield as New Zealand, Sydney and Bermuda, while others will arrive by train and car. 
Standing shoulder to shoulder: The heads of 150 nations kick off 12 days of talks in search of an elusive pact to wean the world off fossil fuels. But according to estimates, the summit itself will produce around 300,000 tons of CO2 during the two-week conference.
That means about 600,000,000 pounds of pollution was produced by these clowns.  That's about 2 Rosie O'Donnell's and perhaps a Whoopie Goldberg along with the crap they spew.
And the leader of the clown college is our own President Obama.  He has brought at least 2 planes, a whole host of limos along with them travelling through the streets of Paris.
Have these fools ever heard of Skype or other video media that they can stay in their host cities and still participate in the conference.
But instead, they want us to believe they are serious about climate change and pollution when these clowns pollute more than 30,0000 people do in a life time. (just a guess)

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