Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Green Is For Idiots

Right now, if you live in a green state, you state government is full of morons.
Your state government is encouraging terrorists to come to your state.
I'm not surprised by most states that are green as they are run by liberals but I am surprised by Utah and Montana.
Maybe the Utah Mormons want to convert the muslims coming to Utah, to replace those who left the Church because of gay rights.
Montana, well, hardly anybody lives there and there isn't much to bomb (I used to live there for several years, so I know)
Colorado is probably too high to care or notice what is going on.
California needs more taxpayers to replace those leaving for Nevada, Oregon and Arizona. 
Virginia, they need a more workers to serve the rich and they probably need more taxi drivers.
Pennsylvania probably wants the terrorists to bomb Philadelphia to kingdom come.
Vermont, well, they are just stuck up and believe they are better than anybody else.
Massachusetts might need more security for the Boston Marathon.
And Missouri probably wants the terrorists coming to blow up Mizzou and Ferguson.
So, good luck to those who live in Green states.

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