Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thank Goodness For Graduates

From the Las Vegas Sun:
Two UNLV graduates are pushing back against claims by a group of students that the university’s mascot, Hey Reb!, is a racist symbol.
The mascot used to be a wolf in Confederate army garb named Beauregard until a group of black athletes asked that it be changed in the 1970s. The mascot was further redesigned in the 1980s to the Hey Reb! of today.
The site calls for alumni to withhold donations from the university if Hey Reb! is removed as UNLV’s mascot. It includes a link to a petition supporters can send to UNLV President Len Jessup.
“I think the president has got quite a few emails today,” Kaikis said.
“The idea was to give a history of Hey Reb! and why he is a staple to the Las Vegas community,” said Kaikis, a physical education major who works in San Francisco as a consultant. “We believe a lot of other people have that sentiment.”
Also this week, a survey was put out by an independent diversity council within the university asking for people's opinions about the mascot.           
I'm glad the graduates are sticking up for the mascot, Old Reb.
And to the students and graduates who want to remove Old Reb as a mascot, get a life and stop being so damn offended.
And some fatherly advice to the offended:
Grow up and stop protesting every time a minority gets a hang nail.  When you protest, the less likely you will find your dream job.  When you protest and make the news, potential employers will thank you for filling out the and hit the delete button on your resume.
The same thing will happen when you on Twitter, Facebook and other social media- potential employers may look at it, see your posts and see the rioting you were participating in.  And the potential employer will say, thank you very much for your application and then hit the delete button.
And that is 1 reason why I don't put my last name on this blog, rarely mention my wife and kid's name on the blog.
So, thank you to the leaders who are trying to keep Old Reb as UNLV and keep up doing a good job in leading this protest.  

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