Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I'm Aging Myself, But...

Remember when Thanksgiving, most people had the day off, except, for the most part, emergency workers such as hospital workers, police officers and firefighters?
Now, just about everybody is working Thursday, especially if you work in retail, fast food, hospitality, first responders and most other jobs, except in government.
Remember when most everybody, even those in government, worked on Black Friday?  Even some schools were in session.
Now, Black Friday might as well be a national holiday. as most government workers are now off for Black Friday, making it a 4 day weekend.
Now, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, more government employees are taking off.  I know many school districts in Arizona take the day before Thanksgiving off. giving us a 5 day weekend.
of course, if you were Amish, there would be no days off of school for you- they only take Christmas day and Good Friday off of school.
Damn, I'm old to remember this.

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