Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Strange Rankings

Today, a list of the best and worst small cities in the United States came out.
Two cities in Mohave County were ranked- Kingman and Lake Havasu City.
Kingman is mostly a dump, the home of the trailer houses and meth heads.
Lake Havasu is the home of many, probably 3/4 of the city, the houses are over $150,000. with numerous million dollar houses.  It also has a pretty good size lake and they have numerous events each weekend.  Snowbirds flock there from all over the country and each weekend, the city is inundated with people from California-well, that may explain a low ranking.  It has a lot of shopping, restaurants and more.
Kingman?  Meth heads, a noisy railroad, abandoned property, more trailer homes, very little shopping and crappy schools.
But yet, Kingman is ranked 780 and Lake Havasu City is ranked 1117 out of 1268.  To see how this survey is all screwed up, Kingman's education rating is significantly better than Lake Havasu City's school.  having worked in both of the school districts, Lake Havasu is miles and miles better than Kingman and any other school district I have worked at.
By the way, Providence Rhode Island is ranked the best and Bell, California is ranked worst.
Here is the web site of the moronic survey:

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