Sunday, November 1, 2015

K-Mart Sells Goods of a Thug Who Mocks The Disabled

From the NY Daily News: Nicki Minaj has struck a bad chord, and is getting smacked with haunting backlash over a Halloween Instagram video.
Dressed in a bejeweled fairy costume, the "Anaconda" artist is seen in the video waving a wand at a person in a motorized wheelchair while yelling, "I command you to walk."
The majority of the 15-second video focuses on Minaj, who laughs along with her friends as she waves the wand. At the last second, the camera pans down the hallway toward the seemingly disabled person — leaving many of her fans appalled.
"I just saw the video of Nicki Minaj making fun of a disabled person," Twitter user Lance Roberson said. "Truly disgusting and immoral."
Minaj has a line of clothes that is sold by K-Mart.
Will they keep selling her clothes despite her attitude towards the disabled?
First K-Mart has a sign that says "Jacklyn Smith" is selling "Jew Boxes".
and now they have a thug that makes fun of the disabled and K-Mart sells her line of clothes.
Not a good weekend for K-Mart.

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