Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pawn Stars Toy Expert Busted

From KTNV Las Vegas: TMZ reported that "Pawn Stars" regular Johnny Jimenez Jr. has been charged with domestic violence after an incident last month.
"Pawn Stars," which is a popular reality television series on the History channel, is based on the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in downtown Las Vegas.
Jimenez is the toy expert for the pawn shop on Las Vegas Boulevard. He is also the owner of the Toy Shack, which is located inside of Neonopolis on Fremont Street.
Jimenez and his girlfriend allegedly got into a fight at a local restaurant last month.
When police arrived around 4 a.m., Jimenez was not there and his girlfriend was not talking. Police officers reviewed a surveillance video, which showed Jimenez attempting to get his drunk girlfriend to go inside of the restaurant. He reportedly pulled on her purse strap, which caused her to fall.
When interviewed by police, Jimenez told them he was trying to get his girlfriend to go inside of the restaurant to eat and sober up. He claims that he did not mean for her to fall when he pulled her purse strap.
Jimenez told TMZ the video clearly shows he was only trying to help.
The fact that the girl friend was drunk and wearing 4 inch stiletto heels and Johhny is trying to help her, this seems almost like a bogus case but time will tell.
Perhaps the cops who arrested him wanted a trophy on their mantle.
Or maybe the video shows something else.
Time will tell.

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