Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Who's Responsible?

Once again, the stupid get paid.
From the NY Daily News: The city will pay a whopping $3.8 million to the family of a mentally ill inmate who died in custody at Rikers Island after swallowing a toxic soap ball.
Jason Echevarria, 25, suffered an agonizing death in solitary confinement in August 2012 as his insides literally burned.
Former Rikers Island Capt. Terrence Pendergrass, 51, was sentenced to five years in June for denying Echevarria the medical care that could have saved his life.
“It’s not a happy day for the family. It doesn’t bring Jason back,” said the Echevarrias’ lawyer, Joshua Kelner....
Echevarria faced a robbery charge and was housed in a unit of Rikers dedicated to the mentally ill.
He swallowed the concentrated ball of soap meant to be diluted in water and used to clean a sewage backup in his cell — possibly as a way to get out of solitary confinement, according to testimony at trial.
Echevarria vomited, spit blood on the window of his cell and asked to see a doctor, correction officers testified.
Judge Ronnie Abrams said Pendergrass could have prevented the tragedy by simply calling a doctor. “A man died here — a 25-year-old man — because of your indifference and your callousness,” she said.
Ramon Echevarria had harsh words for the man held responsible for his son’s death following the sentencing.
“He’s not a human being. I hope he has a hard time in jail,” Ramon said.
The family hit the jackpot with $3,800,000 (minus the lawyer cut of $3,000,000) of tax free money and I am sure they are happy.
But the person responsible for the death is the inmate.
If he had not swallowed the soap, he would still be here, terrorizing his neighborhood.
Glad NYC is so rich.

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