Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another Nice And cuddly Illegal Alien Thug

From the Mohave Daily News: An undocumented immigrant charged with molesting a young girl in July was back in court Monday contemplating the options in his case.
Jose Raul Ramos-Ramirez, 36, is charged with one count of child molestation. He is being held in county jail without bond.
In a second part of a settlement conference, Superior Court Commissioner Billy Sipe Jr. again explained the 10- to 24-year prison sentence if the defendant is tried and convicted of the molestation charge at his trial.
Sipe also explained the 5-- to 10-year stipulated prison sentence if Ramos-Ramirez accepts a plea agreement and pleads guilty to attempted child molestation.
Through another Spanish interpreter, Ramos-Ramirez asked why such a lengthy prison sentence and asked if it was because he was illegally in the country. He also mentioned another Bullhead City case where the defendant received five years for a similar crime.
Ramos-Ramirez also said he did not do the alleged crime with bad intentions. Defense attorney Art Higgs asked the judge to explain the differences between the culture in Central America compared to Arizona law.....
Ramos Ramirez, who is from El Salvador, was arrested July 4 at Community Park in Bullhead City after an 11-year-old girl told her mother that Ramos-Ramirez molested her, according to Bullhead City police.
Ramos-Ramirez and the girl rode a personal watercraft into shallow water of the Colorado River when the suspect allegedly got off the ski, made inappropriate comments and touched her. After returning to her family, the girl told her mother, who called police.  http://www.mohavedailynews.com/news/judge-explains-sentencing-options-to-suspect/article_1861c734-8780-11e5-a62c-936ef86f9718.html
First, the thug tries to play the race/illegal card saying he is being treated unfairly because he is an illegal thug.
Next, he says he did the crime because it is accepted in his culture, wherever the thug is from.  If there is a reason to start cracking down on illegals, this is a good place to start- he didn't care he was in the U.S., he wanted to bring his perverted culture to the U.S. wants us to change- not him.
Finally, if he was in California and across the river, in Nevada, he would not have been arrested or face deportation.  In fact, he probably would have been honored and defended by the pro-illegal thug crowd.
Thank goodness he was dumb enough to get caught in California

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