Thursday, November 5, 2015

Gov. Moonbeam A Thief And Hypocrite

From Fox News: Gov. Jerry Brown last year directed state oil and gas regulators to research, map and report back on any mining and oil drilling potential and history at the Brown family's private land in Northern California.
After a phone call from the governor and follow-up requests from his aides, senior staffers in the state's oil and gas regulatory agency over at least two days produced a 51-page historical report and geological assessment, plus a personalized satellite-imaged geological and oil and gas drilling map for the area around Brown's family ranchland near the town of Williams....
Through the state's open records law, The Associated Press obtained the research that state regulators carried out for Brown, and the emails among senior oil and gas regulators scrambling to fulfill the governor's request.
Brown spokesman Evan Westrup declined to discuss the work for the governor, referring the AP to California's Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources. That agency said the work was a legal and proper use of public resources -- and no more than the general public would get. But oil industry experts said they could not recall a similar example of anyone getting that kind of state work done for private property....
Nine days after Brown appointed Steve Bohlen to lead the state oil and gas regulatory division, the governor called him with his research request.
First, did Steven Bohlen get his job on the condition of him doing the research for Brown?
2nd, he used state resources for personal use and I highly doubt if a regular citizen would have such clout.
Finally, Brown is such a hypocrite.  He demands that Californians use alternative green energy but Moonbeam then decides he might strike it rich with oil on his land, showing once again, what's good for me, screw you, I just want mine.

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