Thursday, November 26, 2015

Boycott Dunkin Donuts?

From USA Today:
Dunkin' Donuts is apologizing for two separate incidents involving two young employees' treatment of local police officers.
The incidents at Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in West Hartford, Conn., and Providence, R.I., in no way represent the "company’s strong commitment to the fair treatment and well-being of all our guests," Karen Raskopf, Dunkin' Donuts Chief Communications Officer, told USA TODAY Network in a statement.
The incidents sparked outrage on social media as some called for the employees' dismissal and others justified their actions.
On Friday, a member of the Providence Police Department noticed that instead of his name, #blacklivesmatter was scrawled on his cup, reported. A Providence police union said the Black Lives Matter movement was only fueling tension between police and the black community, CBS reported.
"The negativity displayed by the #Blacklivesmatter organization towards police across this nation is creating a hostile environment that is not resolving any problems or issues, but making it worse for our communities," The Executive Board of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 said in a statement, CBS reported. "They are doing this by increasing tensions amongst police and the people they serve."
The second incident involved a police officer in Connecticut, who was waiting in line on Saturday when an employee said, "We don't serve cops here," the Hartford Courant reported.
Raskopf told USA TODAY Network that the "two young crew members exhibited poor judgment while serving local police officers who were guests in our restaurants."
"While these particular incidents are isolated to two restaurants, we see this as an opportunity to work closely with all of our franchisees and their crew members across the country to reinforce our obligation to serve all of our guests with dignity and respect," she said.
Because of these incidents, a police officer in Providence , RI, has been fired:
"Poor Judgment"?, That's the best Dunkin Donuts can come up with?  "Poor Judgment"?
No, when writing "#blacklivesmatter" to cops, to me is considered to be racist, harassment and discrimination among other things.  And the employees being accused are just using "poor judgment" and apparently, not fired or even reprimanded  How pathetic.
Now, I like Dunkin Donuts and I like them better than most donut places, with the exception of Basha's grocery store.  Basha's are an Arizona company that makes donuts to die for, but before them, Dunkin Donuts was my favorite donut place.
Not anymore, I won't go to a Dunkin Donuts anymore because of their views of what "poor judgment" means.
Up to you, if you choose to or not go to Dunkin Donuts.

But, there is no evidence that no Dunkin Donuts employees were fired because of their disgusting comments.

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