Thursday, November 26, 2015

Morons On Display

You just can't under estimate the stupidity of liberals.  The more they try to be serious, the more stupid they become.
From The American Mirror:
VIDEO: Chicago protesters taunt Trump Tower
Chicago protesters turned their ire on Donald Trump and Trump Tower Wednesday night.
They chanted “F*ck Trump” while Christmas ornaments were torn off the building. Guards can be seen trying to block the doors.
Well, I am pretty sure the building didn't really care if it is being taunted or not.
And the people who stay at Trump towers probably don't care either.
In fact, if there were no TV cameras there, there would be no protest at all.
Finally, do you think Trump really cares what these moron protestors think? Heck, he probably is thankful for the publicity because is shows how brain damaged the extremist left has become.

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