Thursday, November 12, 2015

To Bad She Didn't Attack The Lawyer Instead

From the Las Vegas Sun:
A Las Vegas grandmother is accused of punching a man whose trial on felony charges in the vehicle death of her son has been postponed several times.
Lindona Thompson tells KTNV-TV she's 5-foot-2 and has multiple sclerosis, and she was so frustrated with delays that she attacked Gary Richard Adair Jr. in a courthouse hallway.
Adair's lawyer, Daniel Martinez, calls the Nov. 5 scuffle unprovoked.
Martinez says Adair wasn't injured, and that Thompson faces a misdemeanor battery charge.
Adair has pleaded not guilty to reckless driving and being under the influence of drugs when the vehicle he was driving hit 38-year-old Kadar Brown in March 2014.
The Nevada Highway Patrol says Brown was changing a flat tire at the time on the U.S. 95 freeway in Las Vegas.
The stupid ass immoral lawyer, Daniel Martinez, says she was unprovoked?
Seriously, you 1st grade drop out?
Her child was killed by your client, there have been numerous delays by your own conduct, mostly likely, for no reason at all and you say the attack was unprovoked?
To bad she did kick your fat little lawyer ass but you probably run away like a baby.

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