Sunday, November 8, 2015

Typical Liberal response

I got this reply from some ignorant liberal a-hole the other week:
inally Obama shows that he is an African-American in a sea of racist white republicans.
Obama has proposed nothing to restrict gun sales and any changes must be made by Congress or each state. He is not a Muslim, a traitor, Marxist or Communist. I dont know what destruction you are talking about. The stock market tripled in value. He saved the economy in 2009. The unemployed went down by half.
what Rabbi Avi Shafran said is so important, that I am making an exception here. It needs to be read and absorbed. Especially now in light of the current circumstances where there is surely a tendency by many to forget all the positive things he has done and brand him an antisemite. Which he clearly is not
Obviously you are a R-tarded racist a-hole that hates that a black man lives in the White House.
I'm not going to complain about this idiot's spelling and grammar.  He's probably some booze hound sitting behind a computer...kind of like me after working up to 15 hours in a day, though he probably doesn't work.
But like most liberals, if they disagree with you, they call you names, call you a racist and of course, they lie.
So, Johnny Drew, I wonder what you are saying about Ben Carson?
And Johnny, I've worked with many, many Black people, mostly children who are severely disabled.  What have you done to improve the lives of Black people besides making moronic statements like the one above?
Like I thought, not a damn thing.

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