Friday, November 27, 2015

How Bad Are The Green Bay Packers?

Right now, instead of saying the Chicago Bears still suck, it's time to say the Green Bay Packers suck.
If the Packers cannot get up for the following, then they really are pathetic:
1.  The game was at Lambeau Field in Green bay, where opponents rarely win.  In 2 of the past 3 games the Packers have lost to Detroit and Chicago,  very bad teams.
2.  The half time show was Brett Favre's #4 being retired and Bart Starr, the greatest NFL quarterback ever, in my humble opinion, was there despite severe medical problems.  If the Packers put out the same effort Starr made to get to Lambeau after having a heart attack a couple of strokes and some seizures, if the Packers gave this kind of effort that Starr put in, the Packers should have won easily.
3.  The game was being played in a rain storm, perfect weather for the big and gruff players.  Maybe the Packers are getting soft
And finally:
4.  The game was against the hated Chicago Bears.  If the Packers can't get up to play the Bears, then they really do suck.
I just wonder if there is some kind of internal problem in the locker room where the players and coaches are not getting along or perhaps some players are hiding injuries that should be treated but the players want to stick it out and play but in reality, they are hurting the team.
But no matter what the reason, the Packers pretty much suck right now and they are not worthy of a playoff spot.

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